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Investment funds
Equity funds
SEB Sustainability Fund Europe -0.16% 0.43% -0.67% 19.07% 16/01/2020 5.6060 EUR Details
„SEB US All Cap“ 0.26% 3.85% 2.79% 22.37% 16/01/2020 10.2310 USD Details
SEB Eastern Europe Small and Mid Cap Fund -0.25% 5.26% 4.30% 36.58% 16/01/2020 5.6230 EUR Details
SEB Concept Biotechnology 0.11% 1.90% 0.82% 4.91% 16/01/2020 108.2420 EUR Details
SEB Eastern Europe ex Russia Fund -0.19% 1.50% 1.38% 5.40% 16/01/2020 3.5900 EUR Details
SEB Global Fund 0.22% 2.57% 1.63% 16.90% 16/01/2020 4.6270 USD Details
SEB Listed Private Equity Fund 1.10% 3.15% 2.67% 28.71% 16/01/2020 351.7470 EUR Details
SEB Medical Fund -0.07% 3.39% 2.07% 12.59% 16/01/2020 8.4670 USD Details
SEB Nordic Focus Fund 0.00% 1.23% 13.20% 10.25% 19/10/2018 228.9600 EUR Details
SEB Sustainability Nordic Fund 0.50% 2.61% -0.30% 24.46% 16/01/2020 14.8060 EUR Details
SEB Russia Fund 0.39% 6.95% 5.17% 45.51% 16/01/2020 16.2030 EUR Details
SEB Technology Fund 0.35% 4.46% 3.96% 41.22% 16/01/2020 7.1910 USD Details
„SEB Global Chance/Risk Fund" 0.24% 2.26% 1.95% 16.96% 16/01/2020 1.6760 EUR Details
SEB Emerging Markets Fund -0.48% 4.47% 1.73% 15.72% 16/01/2020 132.7150 EUR Details
SEB Asia Small Caps ex. Japan Fund 0.33% 5.01% 3.25% 8.93% 16/01/2020 94.9770 EUR Details
SEB Asia ex.Japan Fund 0.28% 4.15% 2.04% 9.40% 16/01/2020 121.8720 EUR Details
Alternative funds
SEB Asset Selection Fund 0.41% 1.07% 1.56% 6.59% 16/01/2020 16.2940 EUR Details
SEB Diversified V8 0.33% 1.28% 1.86% 13.40% 16/01/2020 111.4410 EUR Details
SEB Alternative Fixed Income -0.01% -0.20% 0.03% -3.34% 16/01/2020 9.5800 EUR Details
Mutual funds
SEB Strategy Balanced 0.07% 1.27% 0.75% 7.13% 16/01/2020 127.8360 EUR Details
SEB Strategy Defensive 0.07% 0.62% 0.42% 3.18% 16/01/2020 116.6600 EUR Details
SEB Strategy Growth 0.02% 3.19% 1.95% 18.86% 16/01/2020 169.3560 EUR Details
SEB Strategy Opportunity 0.05% 2.17% 1.33% 13.12% 16/01/2020 147.0500 EUR Details
Bond funds
SEB Corporate Bond Fund EUR 0.06% -0.11% 0.23% 4.85% 16/01/2020 1.7500 EUR Details
SEB Sustainable High Yield Fund 0.02% 0.90% 0.45% 8.62% 16/01/2020 161.0480 EUR Details
SEB Short Bond Fund EUR 0.00% -0.16% -0.08% -0.16% 16/01/2020 1.2710 EUR Details
SEB USD Currency Fund 0.00% 0.12% 0.08% 1.95% 16/01/2020 2.5110 USD Details
SEB Dynamic Bond Fund 0.02% -0.01% 0.03% 0.43% 16/01/2020 102.1960 EUR Details
SEB Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund 0.00% -0.10% 4.61% -1.55% 07/08/2019 103.5430 EUR Details
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    This is promotional information about the investment services available from SEB bank. It cannot be construed as a recommendation, order or invitation to buy or sell specific financial instruments and may not constitute any basis or part of any subsequent transaction. Although this information is based on sources deemed to be reliable, SEB bank cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or losses which may be incurred by investors relying on such information. Taxation-related information may change in the future and become no longer applicable in your particular case.

    Return on investments is exposed to risks: the value of investments may both rise and fall during the investment period. If the return on investments is positive at one time, there is no guarantee that it will remain such in future. In certain cases, losses may exceed the sum of the original investment. If investment is made in financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies, changes in the exchange rate may affect the return on investment. You are responsible for your investment solutions; therefore, before making the decision to invest, you should carefully review all the relevant documents, prospects of funds, structural and other financial instruments. Please note that the services described here are not intended for investors within the jurisdiction other than that of SEB bank units providing these services and investment opportunities, authorisation to invest and investing in locations of certain jurisdictions, including the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australia, may be unlawful.

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    Pension funds
    The pension savings company does not guarantee the profitability of pension funds. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investments may both rise and fall in value. You may gain less than originally invested. The pension amount to be paid from Sodra (Pillar I) for the participants, who entered into the pension accumulation agreements before the year 2019, will be reduced pro rata following the procedure established in the Law on State Social Insurance Pensions for the participation in accumulation scheme until the year 2019 only. The old-age pension payable since the year 2019 by Sodra (Pillar I) will not be reduced. The pension payment from Sodra (Pillar I) for the participants, who signed the pension accumulation agreement until the year 2019 and terminated the participation in the 2nd Pillar Pension Funds until 30 June 2019, will not be reduced for the period until the year 2019.

    The state social insurance old-age pension for members of the second pillar of the pension system who conclude pension savings agreements is reduced proportionally according to the procedure laid down in the Law on State Social Insurance Pensions.

    Investment funds
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